SEE region: Electricity prices ranged between 64 and 96 euros/MWh in week 20

In week 20, SEE electricity prices increased compared to week 19 by 15% on average, due to a drop in wind production and higher gas prices.

In the SEE region, electricity prices soared in all markets, except Hungary. Greece and Bulgaria registered the highest percentage increases by 26% and 24% respectively compared to the previous week, followed by Romania and Serbia (+23% and +19%).

All SEE countries recorded electricity prices above 90 euros/MWh, except Hungary and Croatia. Prices ranged between 64 and 96 euros/MWh. Hungary recorded the lowest electricity prices at a weekly average of 64.3 euros/MWh, followed by Croatia with 76.8 euros/MWh.

The Italian market registered the highest average price during week 20, with an average price of 96.12 euros/MWh, followed by Greece, with 92.75 euros/MWh.

Weekly average spot electricity prices in Central Europe followed a mixed performance during the week, as lower renewable output put pressure on electricity prices, but lower electricity demand offset that pressure to a certain degree.

Electricity markets in Central Europe posted prices between 24 and 74 euros/MWh. Slovenia was the country with the highest electricity price at 74.23 euros/MWh, followed by the Czech Republic at 68.03 euros/MWh. The French market was the cheapest, at 23.63 euros/MWh.

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