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As the pressure on organisations to decarbonise their operations and put a net zero strategy in place continues to grow, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their emissions. With so many different routes for achieving this, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. Our experts can help you get started and understand how carbon offsetting could support your carbon reduction journey.


Carbon offsetting is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through investment in environmental projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions or remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, compensating for the emissions you produce.



Energy optimisation of company facilities. Optimisation of production plant. Producing your own sustainable energy – e.g. solar panels to make electricity. A green procurement strategy. Requiring sustainable transportation from suppliers.

Understand your current carbon emissions and what you need to do to become a net zero business.

Benefits for your organisation
  • Better understand your organisation’s carbon emissions
  • Fulfil your environmental and corporate social responsibility
  • Meet legislative compliance requirements for your industry and organisation
  • Differentiate your organisation from competitors by demonstrating best practice in carbon reduction and energy efficiency
  • Build your organisation into a leader of sustainability, and become a more attractive investment to customers, stakeholders, and future employee talent
  • Increased company-wide understanding, knowledge, and support for your carbon reduction journey
  • Fulfil your customers’ requirements in proving your sustainability credentials
  • Elevate your organisation’s reputation through your contribution to achieving net zero, positive environmental change and investment in future generations
  • Meet institutional investment requirements, ESG
  • Meet investor conditions for green finance loans, ESG
  • Contribute to reducing environmental pollution, supporting the Government’s Net Zero 2050 target
  • To support or comply with your organisation’s tender bids requirements
  • Demonstrating that you are taking full responsibility for your residual emissions


Clarion Partners services help to make it easy for both individuals and companies to combat climate change and achieve both their specific sustainability goals.

We assist both domestic and international clients by connecting them with high-quality emission-reduction projects, providing climate education, and developing innovative solutions that ensure effective climate action.

You may reduce your own carbon footprint and offset your unavoidable emissions to aid in the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future by being aware of your decisions and how they affect the environment.


Staying at the forefront of industry, we embrace and drive change, delivering solutions at pace and scale to meet the modern challenges of energy and sustainability.

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