Serbia: 10 MW solar park Saraorci commissioned

The first phase of the construction of the biggest solar park in Serbia, Saraorci, has been completed. The total installed capacity in the first phase is 9.86 MW (11.8 MWp), whereas a power of 1.5 MW (1.86 MWp) is planned for the second phase. This is a photovoltaic power plant which is fully transferred to the power grid.

The project was realized by the German AVR Group, which has been operating in Serbia since 2017, whereas the works were done by the Chinese company PowerChina.

The expected annual production of the power plant is 15.1 GWh, which is sufficient for the supply of around 2,400 households. This is the first project in our portfolio of a total of 300 MW which we plan to build in the coming period. The construction itself was very challenging, but we learned a lot in this process, and we are looking forward to future projects. In June 2024, the construction of a new solar power plant in Obrenovac, with a power of 9.95 MW, is expected, and immediately after it, the construction of the second phase of the solar power plant in Saraorci as well. The second phase of the construction of the solar power plant in Saraorci is especially interesting because we plan to issue a digital token which will enable investors to invest in renewable energy sources while making a profit – stated Bojan Lazic – the head engineer of AVR.

It is estimated that the photovoltaic power plant will lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions of 17,500 tons annually, while also increasing the overall production share of “green energy” in the electrical energy system of the Republic of Serbia, says the press release.

– PowerChina, as a leading company in the field of global energy construction, has always practised the concept of green development and promoted energy transformation. In the future, PowerChina will continue adhering to the concept of green development, and with the support of the Serbian government and the Chinese embassy, further increase investments in renewable energy which will have an impact on the economic and social development of Serbia and give a bigger contribution to the realization of a sustainable development of the country. This project has the potential to be an important turning point, further strengthening the long-standing friendship between China and Serbia – stated Yan Lihui, the general manager of PowerChina Hubei.

The solar power plant in Saraorci, with a power of 9.86 MW, is connected to the power distribution system by connecting the new switchgear by a 35-kV power line from the substation TS 35/10kV Lugavcina on one side, as the main charge, and another 35-kV power line from the substation TS 35/10kV Lozovik on the other side as the backup charge.

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