SEE region: Petrol and its partners to install a high-power charging network

Slovenian Petrol Group and three companies—Allego, Emobility Solutions, and GreenWay—have been selected to facilitate the rollout of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles along key TEN-T corridors.

The Cross-E project has been established to enable a path towards future zero-emission travel through the realisation of high-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging points along key routes and ports across Europe. The four companies selected to carry out the project, Petrol Group, Allego, GreenWay, and Emobility Solutions, will install 911 high-powered charging points (150 kW and 350 kW) at 239 locations tailored to both light and heavy-duty electric vehicles (LDV and HDV). The project has been selected to implement 130 million euros in investments in high-power charging infrastructure with a total grant of 34.45 million euros from the European Union and is scheduled to be finalised by October 2026.

The primary goals of Cross-E include strengthening cross-border connectivity between Cohesion countries and Western Europe, establishing initial corridors for electric trucks along key logistics routes, and reducing wait times at locations projected to experience high seasonal utilisation.

The Cross-E project comprises two intertwined initiatives: Cross-E General and Cross-E Cohesion. These projects will receive co-funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the EU funding programme supporting European transport infrastructure. It is, therefore, the aim to complement the existing infrastructure with enhanced cross-border connections between neighbouring countries.

The four entities chosen for Cross-E will operate across eight EU Member States: Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands. Collectively, they will install 838 recharging points for LDVs (150–350 kW) and 73 recharging points for HDVs (350 kW).

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