FBiH: Net electricity generation reached 514 GWh in April

The net electricity production in the Federation of BiH decreased to 514 GWh in April 2024 from 605 GWh in the same month of 2023, the statistical office said in a monthly report.

Electricity imports rose to 63 GWh last month from 30 GWh in April 2023, while exports decreased to 110 GWh from 223 GWh.

In the same period, the net electricity output of hydropower plants fell to 176 GWh from 260 GWh, while the output of thermal power plants increased to 313 GWh from 311 GWh.

On a monthly comparison basis, net electricity production in February fell by 23%. Imports rose 142%, while exports increased 7.8% in April.

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