Croatia: Statkraft takes over Neoen’s portfolio of projects

This includes all of Neoen’s projects in the early stages of development: wind power projects, solar power projects, as well as battery energy storage system (BESS) projects.

Neoen has been present in Croatia since mid-2020, while Statkraft started its operations in Croatia in 2021. Now, having received all necessary regulatory approvals, Statkraft will initiate its planning for a seamless integration process, ensuring a harmonious transition and maximizing the combined strength of both entities.

“Statkraft recognized a good fit with Neoena in terms of culture, compliance standards and business ethics when developing projects. Although this acquisition is smaller in scale, it fits well with our current position in the market. We are pleased to welcome three project developers from Neoen to our team in Zagreb. Together, we can realize Statkraft’s vision: to renew the way the world is supplied with energy,” said Arnaud Bellanger, Statkraft’s director for Croatia and France.

In Statkraft’s strategy, accelerating the development of solar power plants, onshore and offshore wind power plants, and energy storage in batteries is one of the four strategic pillars of development. Statkraft plans to accelerate its growth in solar, onshore wind and battery energy storage in its existing markets.

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