Croatia: Net electricity production amounted to 1.5 TWh in March

Net electricity generation in Croatia in March 2024 amounted to 1,457 GWh, which is 13.4% lower compared to March last year (1,682 GWh), according to the data by the Bureau of Statistics.

In March, 782 GWh of electricity or 53.7% was produced in hydropower plants, 310 GWh or 21.3% was produced in thermal power plants, while wind farms produced 248 GWh or 17% of total produced electricity.

In the same period, Croatia imported 828 GWh of electricity, 0.5% less compared to last March (832 GWh), while electricity exports stood at 785 GWh, 18.9% less compared to March 2023 (968 GWh).

Croatia produced 57 million cubic meters of natural gas in March, which is 8.1% less compared to last March. Natural gas imports stood at 268 million cubic meters, 30. % more than in March 2023.

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