BiH: EPBiH launched a tender for TPP Kakanj’s Unit 7 overhaul

Power utility EPBiH launched an international e-auction for the revitalization of the turbine unit at Unit 7 of the TPP Kakanj. According to tender documentation, the estimated value is around 17.5 million euros including VAT. The deadline for bid submission is July 5.

The procedure is planned based on the lowest price criterion. The delivery deadline is 15 months from the contract signing and the service execution deadline is 215 days from the turbine shutdown for revitalization.

The steam turbine of unit 7, with a capacity of 230 MW, manufactured by Skoda Plzen from the Czech Republic, is a three-stage, condensing, constant pressure turbine with steam reheating in the boiler and seven unregulated steam extractions for heating the condensate and feedwater. The turbine has operated for approximately 160,000 hours by mid-2023.

Considering that the initial projected operational lifespan of the turbine is 100,000 working hours, and the turbine has had significantly more cold starts than projected (298 cold starts, compared to the projected 30), it was noted that parts of the turbine have significantly exhausted their lifespan, and there is a real possibility of failure due to the breaking of turbine parts and equipment.

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